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Digitalize workflows and enrich travel experiences with travel guide app

Provide all trip infos with our travel guide app for your customers. Including hiking or cycling maps with offline navigation! Edit all data easily without IT knowledge in our web portal together with colleagues and partners.


Tour Guide App

for your travellers

The GUIBO Tour Guide App enables tour operators to provide customers with digital guidebooks. Choose 
either the ready-to-use GUIBO branded app or the
white label option for individual brandings.

Perfect maps for walking, 
hiking and cycling

All traveller information in one place at any time

Traveller feedback for any point-of-interest

Areas, routes and point-of-interests

All content editable via web-portal without IT-skills

Turn-by-turn GPS navigation, worldwide & offline!

Web portal to manage 

your trip products

The GUIBO web portal allows to manage all content on travel or trip offers. Create trips, enter areas, routes, point of interests and finally add generic travel information for your travellers. Without installation at any time and place
for all employees!

Add & manage trips including all traveller information

Collaborate on all data with colleagues via user management

Publish trip infos to website,
print & tour guide App

Exchange data with tour guides or any partners via partner accounts

Integrate IT systems (e.g. ERP) for automated workflows

Easily import & export (e.g. GPX) any data in GUIBO

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