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Features for digital tour operators

Digitalize your workflows and increase time-to-market for trip offers

Fill trip inventory

All-in-one place to manage your trips

Continuously manage all product information on travel or trip offers with the GUIBO webportal. Without installation at any time and place for all employees!


Topographic Map Editor

Enter routes and points of interest simply via drag & drop →

Any Type of Content

Add textual or visual traveler information & impressions for trips, routes and POIs →

POI Libraries

Manage points of interest in a central library for reuse across multiple trip offerings →

Import & Export

Easy import and export of trip products. For example via GPX files →


Collaborate on trip infos

Simplify workflows with team & partners

Share data access with colleagues, partners and IT systems to exchange product information more efficiently and increase time to market.

User Management

Work with all colleagues always on the most up-to-date information →

Traveller Feedback

Collect realt-time traveler feedback (via our traveler guide app) for trips, routes & POI →

Partner Data Sync

Let your partners, freelance tour operators or agencies update information on trips for you →

Partner Route Recorder App

Let your partners, freelance tour operators or agencies update information on trips for you →

IT Integration & API

Exchange trip data with IT systems to automate workflows →


Digitally provide to travellers

Increase traveller experience

Embed product information into the digital world of your travellers to generate new customers, increase the travel experience and foster customer relationships.

Traveler Guide App

Provide travelers a digital guidebook throughout the trip: With routes, maps and all relevant information inculding GPS navigation based on offline maps.

Standard and individual App available! →

Trip Website & Booklet

Provide travelers a digital booklet before the trip: With all relevant information on a private website →

Paper Map Print Service

Print out high-quality topographic routes and POI with our print service configurator →


Monetize individual add-on services for your customers. →

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